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We are the internet's leading provider of public records to consumers and businesses. If you're visiting us because you have noticed a charge on your credit card statement, you most likely signed up to one of our services. You can easily lookup a purchase by going to the box below or contacting our customer support.

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Common Questions

What is Infopay.com?
Infopay.com is the payment processor for RecordsFinder.com, Staterecords.org, Infotracer.com, ReversePhoneCheck.com, IDstrong.com
Why am I seeing a charge from "Infopay" on my credit card statement?
If you signed up for one of the websites listed above you will see a charge from "INFOPAY".
How do I access my account?
1. Open https://www.infopay.com/login
2. Enter your user name (email) and password in the "Log in" box
3. You will be taken to the website that you signed up for
How can I cancel my subscription?
Please visit our HELP page to lookup or cancel your subscription.
How do I retrieve my password?
1. Open https://www.infopay.com/password
2. Enter email address that you used upon sign up
3. Password will be emailed to you
How can I find my receipt number?
Each time you submit your payment, you will receive an email containing your receipt/order number. You can retrieve your receipt/order number by simply referring back to that email, or by going to the Lookup Purchase Box and retrieving your purchase information. You will need the email address that you signed up with and the last 4 digits of your credit card.
How can I get a refund for a product purchased through?
To request a refund for a product purchased using InfoPay, please contact our Customer Care Team at (800) 309-9351 or support@infopay.com
What are your Customer Care Team's hours of operation?
Our Customer Care Team is available Monday through Sunday (excluding holidays), from 7 am to Midnight Eastern Standard Time.

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