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About InfoPay

InfoPay was founded in 2005 by a team of marketers with the goal of creating the first ever boutique affiliate network for information products and services. We have a variety of different product offerings in our marketplace, ranging from background screening and reputation management services to identity monitoring. Every single product offering has been extensively tested for optimal conversions, customer satisfaction and the highest return on your investment.

What Makes Us Different

We understand how much time, resources and money it takes to build successful marketing campaigns. That is why we always offer the most cutting-edge and innovative affiliate tools to make sure our affiliates succeed and grow their business. Inside your affiliate account you will find many promotional materials and tools including live search boxes, search APIs, landing pages, tracking, analytics and much more.

We consider our 20,000 affiliates to be long-term partners and take these relationships very seriously. To help build long-lasting and profitable businesses with our affiliates, we created the Infopay Private Label Solution. With this feature, affiliates are able to sell our services under their own brand while we handle everything from billing to customer support. Setup is free and can usually be completed in a few days.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us; happy customers equate to higher customer retention rates, which leads to strong business growth. Over the years we have invested millions of dollars in acquiring over 2 billion records ranging from criminal, arrest/warrant, court, marriage/divorce, property, asset and much more. We have one of the most comprehensive and extensive public records databases on the market today. For example, our criminal data is updated daily, collecting records from over 3,000 county sheriff websites and court houses.

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Here Are Some Interesting Stats and Figures For You to Think About

When did you last Google your name?

  • Within the past 24 Hours (332)
  • Within the past Month (195)
  • More than a Month Ago (159)
  • Never (39)
Source: Trackur Survey Summer 2012

10% of all background checks have at least one serious red flag!

12,408,899 people were arrested in 2011

Drug Abuse Violations12.05%
Disorderly Conduct4.79%
Aggravated Assault3.06%
Weapons Possession1.20%
Stolen Property0.76%
Motor Vehicle Theft0.59%
Sex Offenses0.56%

More than one in four U.S. adults - roughly 65 million people - have an arrest or conviction that shows up in a routine criminal background check

U.S. Prison population, 1980 - 2011

Number of Prisoners by States